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UI/Frontend Engineer at

Beijing · Full Time
We have built an Operating System for big data that is backed by a custom-built engine that is the fastest and most versatile in the world. Called “magical” and “beyond impressive” by industry experts, is a big-data streaming analytics platform that can ask novel questions about behavior over all of history in real time. We allow for the rapid evolution of data formats without expensive manual work so that the analytics of a product can keep up with every exciting update, even allowing for gaining interesting behavioral insights about poorly instrumented data. The user interface to is simple enough to master that even non-technical users can drill down to inspect complex individual behaviors without needing to master SQL or do any programming. Read More
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As a frontend engineer at, you will build highly scalable and interactive customer facing web applications that incorporate both new and proven user experience patterns and technologies. This is a hands-on individual contributor role and requires the ability to quickly implement new designs into functioning web application features as part of our agile, iterative development process.

Join a team of experts pushing the boundaries of what big data can do.

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What We're Building

Traintracks is a backend for in-house systems, built on a new paradigm of data management that gives you the power of mutable schemas on immutable data.

We built a full suite of robust components and lightweight AIs to handle the dirty work of ingesting and managing disparate and evolving datasets, so you can effortlessly scale to billions of daily events and terabytes of data.

Our backend provides your custom analytics with powerful features like automatic parser generation, a version control system for data models, and dynamically generated APIs for virtual views on your data.

This allows you to build in-house systems, dynamic applications and dashboards in record time, with world-class performance and scalability straight out of the box.

Deploy Traintracks on your cluster and start analyzing your terabytes the same day - it’s that easy.

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Nils Pihl
CEO of . Pioneered behavioral engineering, sought-after speaker and author with background in international enterprise sales and consumer psych.
Ryan Braley
Founder Designed the world's first distributed genetic algorithm in the cloud using Hadoop, built neural interface, behavioral analytics pioneer.
Jeff Hsu
CTO of Formerly @Microsoft Research Asia, @Apple, cofounder of @我搭车 Wodache and Mobilizing Health.
Ted Östrem
Lead R&D . Founder and CTO @豆浆油条 • Senior Platform Architect @CMUNE, CTO • Studied at @Royal Institute of Technology
Jonathan Oscar Michael Beckman
Started with Spotify as an early employee at age 18, fell in love with startups and 10 years later still in the game :)
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Clover Zhang
Co-founder of Lean In China, worked at @Airbnb @China Telecom, @Hay Group
Johannes Gideon Davidsson
Founder and Managing Director of RevReal. 4 years of strong entrepreneurial experience in China. Studied at IHM Business School, International Sales.
Steinberger John
Phd in math from UC Davis, currently computer science professor at Tsinghua University.