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Backend for enterprise analytics



Jeff Hsu

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CTO of Traintracks.io. Formerly @Microsoft Research Asia, @Apple, cofounder of @我搭车 Wodache and Mobilizing Health.

Nils Pihl

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CEO of @Traintracks.io . Pioneered behavioral engineering, sought-after speaker and author with background in international enterprise sales and consumer psych.

Ryan Braley

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Founder @Traintracks.io. Designed the world's first distributed genetic algorithm in the cloud using Hadoop, built neural interface, behavioral analytics pioneer.


Patrick Wenzek

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Rachel Zhang

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Working in operations at a tech startup

Ted Östrem

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Lead R&D @Traintracks.io . Founder and CTO @豆浆油条 • Senior Platform Architect @CMUNE, CTO @WeLiveInBeijing.com • Studied at @Royal Institute of Technology
Started with Spotify as an early employee at age 18, fell in love with startups and 10 years later still in the game :)

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John Yin

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Jim Lee

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Prior to co-founding GameWorks, Jim built Electronic Arts' mobile business in China. Jim also worked in various role Nokia before game industry.
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Jeffery Wilson

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Jacqueline Sibert

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