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Start interviewing world-class candidates with remarkable experiences; working at top tech startups, graduating from world-renowned universities, or even founding their own companies. Our Curated candidates are hand-selected to be the best Engineers, Designers, Sales, and Product Managers we have to offer.  
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Our team removes uncertainty from the recruitment process by evaluating candidates for you. You get to focus on finding the perfect fit from a hand-selected list of highly qualified candidates.

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Save time from chasing lukewarm prospects that never reply. Curated candidates are actively looking for opportunities in the role you’re offering -- pitch with confidence and watch your response rate soar.

New candidates every Tuesday and Thursday

Get a first look at new rounds of candidates every Tuesday and Thursday. Start your review process just as they’re starting their job search on AngelList.

Meet world-class talent ready for a change

Get access to top candidates with remarkable experience to help take your company to the next level. The Curated add-on gives you an edge on the competition hiring talent in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City and Remote. Speed up your hiring by accessing Curated candidates
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Go beyond the resume with our unique set of signals

Get to know your candidates before the first meeting. Curated profiles come with sourcing signals -- structured and unstructured data that tells the unique story of a candidate’s talents, accomplishments, and aspirations – not available anywhere else.
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Qualified candidates arrive to you vetted by our team and ready to move. Hire top talent in as little as two weeks.

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Access the largest pool of startup-ready talent looking for new opportunities in your city or remotely.

Passive talent, open to opportunities

Candidates signal to us they're interested in new roles before they start looking. Get a head start on hidden talent before they become active.
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Go from screen to hire in less than two weeks with Curated

Arrive to your first call confident that each candidate has the background and experience you are looking for and you have a role they are after. Speed up your hiring by focusing on only the best, most interested candidates.

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Let our in-house sourcing experts be your partners

Our subscription plans include an in-depth sourcing intake session to identify the hard and soft skills you're looking for. We’ll help craft targeted pitches and messaging points that outthink the competition, provide consultation on our technical assessment tools, and help manage your end-to-end hiring process.
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FullStack - Web Development - Distributed systems - BackEnd - Mobile - Computer Vision


User Experience - Product Design - Visual Design - User Researcher


Product Manager - E-Commerce - Healthcare - Travel - Finance - Marketplaces - Analytics


Account Exec - SDR - SMB - Mid-Market - Account Manager - Customer Success Manager


Engineering Manager - Director of Engineering - CTO - Head of Data - VP of Product

Data Science

SQL - Python - NLP - Machine Learning - R - Statistics - Numpy

Sync and swim across pools of candidates with ATS integrations

We’re deeply integrated with Greenhouse, Lever, and Workable. The candidates you pitch are automatically synced to your ATS when they reply.
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