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Backend for enterprise analytics

Backend for enterprise analytics

Traintracks is a backend for in-house systems, built on a new paradigm of data management that gives you the power of mutable schemas on immutable data.

We built a full suite of robust components and lightweight AIs to handle the dirty work of ingesting and managing disparate and evolving datasets, so you can effortlessly scale to billions of daily events and terabytes of data.

Our backend provides your custom analytics with powerful features like automatic parser generation, a version control system for data models, and dynamically generated APIs for virtual views on your data.

This allows you to build in-house systems, dynamic applications and dashboards in record time, with world-class performance and scalability straight out of the box.

Deploy Traintracks on your cluster and start analyzing your terabytes the same day - it’s that easy.

UI/Frontend Engineer

Jeff Hsu

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CTO of Traintracks.io. Formerly @Microsoft Research Asia, @Apple, cofounder of @我搭车 Wodache and Mobilizing Health.

Nils Pihl

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CEO of @Traintracks.io . Pioneered behavioral engineering, sought-after speaker and author with background in international enterprise sales and consumer psych.

Ryan Braley

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Founder @Traintracks.io. Designed the world's first distributed genetic algorithm in the cloud using Hadoop, built neural interface, behavioral analytics pioneer.