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We have built an Operating System for big data that is backed by a custom-built engine that is the fastest and most versatile in the world. Called “magical” and “beyond impressive” by industry experts, Traintracks.io is a big-data streaming analytics platform that can ask novel questions about behavior over all of history in real time. We allow for the rapid evolution of data formats without expensive manual work so that the analytics of a product can keep up with every exciting update, even allowing for gaining interesting behavioral insights about poorly instrumented data. The user interface to Traintracks.io is simple enough to master that even non-technical users can drill down to inspect complex individual behaviors without needing to master SQL or do any programming. At Traintracks.io we have: - Flexible vacation and sick days. Need time? Take time. - Flexible office hours. Work better from home? Go right ahead. - Office game nights - Conference budgets - Education budgets - New employees get top of the line MacBook Pro - World-class colleagues.
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UI/Frontend Engineer

As a frontend engineer at Traintracks.io, you will build highly scalable and interactive customer facing web applications that incorporate both new and proven user experience patterns and technologies.