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News discussion in structured data

Designer for intellectually honest discourse

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Fiskkit is looking for a multi-talented visual and UX designer to help us make intellectually honest discussion online as simple and intuitive as possible.

Fiskkit is a platform for in-line news commenting that "turns discourse into data,"  making the discussion more useful, factual, productive, accountable, civil and enjoyable. Structured data allows us to statistically quality-check all online news in real time, and empower readers to filter trolling without resorting to censorship or moderation. We released a public beta at the Launch Festival in 2015 and were awarded the Social Impact Award by the Grand Jury.

Once you go beyond simple nested commenting online, it requires masterful design to minimize the friction so people can engage with news articles honestly and easily. We are engineering for a system, culture and interface that best promotes facts, logical reasoning and civility online by incorporating the latest social science and usability research.

Fiskkit is bootstrapping to a full launch in 1Q2016, after which we plan to raise funding and grow the team. All positions are full or part-time, with equity based on commitment and experience.

If you want to help build the capacity for people to have more productive and more civil conversations about the issues that really matter, please reach out to us. Fiskkit is a mission-driven venture, but with a very strong business model.

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