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Evolution Through Conversation

Evolution Through Conversation

We are an empathetic intelligence company stimulating human growth through conversation, supported by South Park Commons, Resolute Ventures, Sequoia Capital, and other leaders in Silicon Valley. Our consumer product, Inwords, is a free conversation partner for anyone at any time, giving you the experience of talking to a superhuman therapist, no matter where you are. Mindfulness and personal growth products are taking the world by storm — from Calm and Headspace to self-improvement books and podcasts. But these solutions are missing a vital ingredient: dialogue. Engaging in personal conversation is the best way to attain growth, confidence, and self-awareness - yet nobody has figured out how to productize this. We have.

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CEO of Inwords (Symbiose Technologies). Prolific Product Builder. Stanford C.S. & Biocomputation. First Intern at Kernel (BCI co).

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