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Remote Jobs

These are some of the most recent and highest-paying remote jobs across the globe

What roles are in demand?

Tech companies aren’t just hiring engineers remotely—all roles are going remote.

In fact, the below roles are (almost) equally in-demand at remote companies and non-remote companies!

🛠 Development39.0%
📣 Marketing17.3%
💰 Sales15.0%
⛓ Operations9.3%
🎨 Design7.7%
🧐 Management7.6%

Where do remote teams hire?

Not every remote team hires globally. Here are some of the regions where the best teams hire!

🇺🇸 United States36.1%
🇮🇳 India24.8%
🇪🇺 Europe14.6%
🌏 Asia9.5%
🌎 North America (excl USA)9.2%
🌍 Africa2.8%
🌎 South America2.1%

What skills are in demand?

Communication is important for every team—but especially for remote startups, where your team might be distributed between towns, timezones, or continents.

JavascriptSalesCommunication SkillsNode.jsMarketingPythonBusiness DevelopmentReact.jsSocial MediaDigital Marketing

What's the latest on remote work?


Why Naval Ravikant Thinks Remote Work Is The Future

It feels like the rise of remote works has been a top conversation in tech for years, but despite the enthusiasm and attention it receives, we've yet to turn the corner on making remote work a norm. AngelList Founder Naval Ravikant, however, says he thinks remote work's time is coming

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How Remote Work Impacts Employees With Disabilities

“Just getting off of a bus, I stepped out into a pothole because I wasn't able to navigate the whole walking thing well, and I ended up breaking my ankle.” Matthew Ramir is a senior developer at Bounteous, a digital consultancy, who lives with cerebral palsy. This story is from a time he was injured

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Highlighted remote jobs


For many, remote work is the ideal. No commute, no office life, and the freedom to travel while you work. For all of that upside, many are willing to accept a lower salary than they would receive if they worked in an office in a major tech hub.

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Forging your path as a creative in tech isn't the most straightforward proposition. Whereas engineers, for the most part, have a well-documented standard career progression, designers—particularly graphic designers and illustrators—vary much more in how their career's progress.

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Finding a remote marketing job can be a brutal slog. You have to sort through: The 'freelance' gigs that pay pennies per hour. The 'ambassador' jobs that also pay pennies per hour. The outright scams that somehow pay less than pennies per hour

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