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News discussion in structured data

News discussion in structured data

Fiskkit is an online commenting platform that improves the discussion of news articles by allowing users to tag incorrect facts, bad reasoning or uncivil behavior. It is a place where people can comment on news in depth, and share their opinions through social media. When multiple people have "fisked" the same article, the system produces a page which highlights the flaws or qualities in the text, as determined by a statistical test of significance of the (human-input) tags. In short, it has the potential to fact-check all online news/content in real time. Additionally, by allowing users to fisk each other's comments, we create a granular, peer-reviewed discussion of the topic which is much more useful - and useable - for interested readers. This allows us to build in a Troll Filter which will enable readers to weed out bad-faith commentary, while preserving Fiskkit's "No Censorship" principle. It's the future of online engagement.

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John Pettus

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Building next generation public discourse that can filter trolls and factcheck all news. Ex-private equity. Ex-military intelligence. Stanford. Berkeley.
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