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Frontend developer, Angular JS Ionic, hybrid mobile development frameworks

€20k – €22k • No equity
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The developer will be part of a development team which is working at customer's offices based in Milan and Turin. At the end of the 6/9 month project he will relocate to Vicenza Crispy Bacon main offices.

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Luca Vidale

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CEO of Crispy Bacon Srl. Strong computer science background. Worked at Patavina Technologies.

Damiano Buscemi

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Founded Popcorn media S.r.l. and Crispy Bacon S.r.l.. Worked for GE and EMR. MS EE + MBA. EAP @UCSD San Diego.

Francesco Galvan

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UX Manager of Crispy Bacon srl.
Co-Founder @Crispy Bacon @Techmass Degree in Design and Art.