★ Inside Sales / Business Development - Seed Funded - AngelPad and YC Alum at NexGenT

San Jose, San Francisco, Silicon Valley · Full Time

Ever dream of working somewhere where you can make HUGE impact and make a difference? Have you ever wanted to join the next hot tech company in Silicon Valley? We're on a mission to disrupt tech education. Apply today if you fit the requirements!

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Job Description

OTE is $145K with doing only 10 calls a day!

NO CAP on commissions for potential to make $300K+

★ NexGenT is a venture-backed startup and an AngelPad Alum - Summer 2016 -
All-Star Company (the #1 Accelerator in the US).


We’re about to be flooded with tons of boiling-hot leads begging us to let them into our training program and we’re looking for a relentless, hard-working and enthusiastic sales rep who wants to make way over 100k in your first year -- no ceiling.

You think that’s you? Here’s a hint:
As a child, when life gave you lemons you didn’t just make lemonade, you opened up lemonade franchises at the end of every street. As an adult, you hustle harder than ever. You don’t wait for dinner to be served, you’re out at dawn hunting.

But with us, you won’t have to go out hunting for leads… We’re gonna give them to you. Not through a giant email list that we purchased from a random guy in the Philippines, but from our own bad-ass, fully-automated funnel that has been built to perfection by some of the best marketers in the world.

And the best thing? Yes, there’s something else..
We give you a word-for-word proven script that converts like gangbusters!

NexGenT is an incredibly fast-growing early-stage startup located in San Jose ventured backed by some of the top investors in the valley! You will gain unparalleled visibility into what it takes to build a world class company from the very beginning. You will be one of our first sales hires, and while that comes with immense responsibilities and high expectations, the upside is even higher.


- No degree required. Just passion and hustle!
- 2-6 years of inside sales experience selling on the phone.
- Impeccable verbal and written communication skills.

Excited to work in downtown San Jose (Heart of Silicon Valley). Open to remote employees as well.


Very Cool Startup Office in Downtown Silicon Valley San Jose @ WeWork Valley Towers
Full Gym and Shower On-site Included


To inspire, create, and empower the next generation of IT engineers by providing the highest quality tech education that is affordable to anyone.

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What We're Building

NexGenT is a software technology company solving real world problems using cutting edge technologies.

NexGenT featured in Silicon Valley Business Journal.
NexGenT featured in Tech Crunch.
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NexGenT Team

Terry Kim
★Founder & CEO @NexGenT (YC W18 and AP S16 Alum). Enterprise Sales @Cisco @Arista Networks
Jacob Hess
Co-Founder @NexGenT - An Academy for IT Training
Bernardo Cotrim
Full-stack Developer, currently working with node and react.
Hugo Almendra
UI/UX Designer & Digital Marketing Specialist
Daiki Kohara
CTO & Full stack software engineer @NexGenT. 8+ years of experience as a software developer. BS and MEng degree. Full-stack developer & DevOps.
Rafael Pinto
Software Engineer @NexGenT & Co-Founder @Manni
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NexGenT Investors

Stu Pollard
Entrepreneur, filmmaker, professor
Thomson Nguyen
EIR, @Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers . Visiting Scholar at @New York University. Founded @Framed Data (YC W14, acquired by @Square ).
Dan Bragiel
Founding partner @Bragiel Brothers. Previously co-founder of Lefora(acqd) and partner at @i/o ventures
Kevin Moore
Leeroy Jenkins of angels. Former tech i-banker, corp dev, CFO. @University of Southern California
Thomas Korte
Now: Founder of @AngelPad, Before: @Google Product Manager. Investor in 150 companies -
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