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Growth Hacker for Good - Intellectually Honest Discourse

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Fiskkit is a mission-driven startup developing the best possible online discussion - one that favors facts, logic and civility - and incorporates the latest social science and UX research to achieve that goal. And as a byproduct of that discussion, we believe we can fact-check all online news in real time.

The qualified individual should be ready to commit themselves to the challenge of empowering other to hold liars, BS artists, politicians, trolls, pundits and general a-holes to account for how they behave in our civic discourse online.

Fiskkit will soon be releasing it's first revenue-generating product, on no funding. We are scrappy and independent, and well-positioned to get funded.

This person should have demonstrated experience in some aspect of growth hacking starting from no budget - social media, marketing, blogging, etc. Bonus points for experience transitioning to a rapidly scaling, funded user-acquisition operation.

Bonus points for being an avid news consumer and commenter.

See Fiskkit.com for current beta, and video demo for which we received the Launch Festival Social Impact Award.

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