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Crush your sales quota. Consistently

Crush your sales quota. Consistently

Whalr surfaces intel based on the user behavior of freemium/premium/trial users to notify sales reps that they are ready to be converted to Enterprise. Sales reps today are blind to what prospects are doing. We integrate in seconds and can surface intel within minutes that shows reps opportunities they aren't even chasing yet. - Simply toggle Whalr on - see what intel we surface - close deals Don't believe us? We'll happily wager you!

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Quant Marketer - Demand Gen - you like math - Growth

Helping businesses and individuals make more informed decisions. 20+ years in software, Internet and information biz, including 10+ years developing startups.
Built several revenue + product teams from $0-$20M. early at Kontagent, co-founded Kore, early at Havok. Consulted at several startups growing from 0-$20M+