Computer Vision and Deep Learning Researcher at Helm.ai

South Bay · Full Time
Helm.ai is an algorithm and AI centric company working on the fundamental perception problem for autonomous navigation. Our ultimate goal is achieving full autonomy - that is, safe algorithmic navigation completely independent from any human input - for self-driving cars, drones and consumer robots. We are productizing along the full spectrum of autonomy, using our state of the art computer vision and semi supervised deep learning technology. Read More
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Job Description

Deep learning and computer vision researcher working on fundamental perception problems for autonomous navigation.

Ph.D in mathematics or computer science desired, but not required for otherwise exceptional candidates. Fluency in Python required.

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What We're Building

Helm.ai is a team of elite mathematicians and engineers, building the next generation of AI algorithms for autonomous driving. Our goal is enabling widespread L4/L5 autonomy - that is, algorithmic vehicular navigation that functions across many environments, at beyond the safety level of humans, yet completely independent from any human input. Our approach leverages a novel combination of tools from applied mathematics and deep learning to create truly scalable learning systems that do not rely on human annotation across the full spectrum of autonomy, including vision-based perception, sensor fusion, mapping, path planning and control.

We are currently a team of 10. We are looking to hire

* Researchers, with strong backgrounds in at least one of applied mathematics, machine learning, or deep learning.
* Engineers, with strong backgrounds in at least one of scaling data pipelines, deep learning, general software engineering.

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Helm.ai Team

Vladislav Voroninski
CEO of Helm.ai. Applied mathematician. Co-inventor of mathematical phase retrieval. Solved open problems in computer vision, quantum mechanics, and optimization
Tudor Achim
CTO at helm.ai. Previously PhD program in CS at Stanford, started ML team at Quora, CS/math at CMU.

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Helm.ai Investors

Lee Linden
Entrepreneur & Early Stage Investor Founder of @Tapjoy Founder of @Karma Ads/Commerce at @Facebook
Morgan Beller
A small person at a @Medium Corporation. Alum and fangirl of @a16z , @Cornell University, @eBay, @Cornell Tech, @Poprightin, @HighlineVP