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Organizing humanity’s knowledge

Chief Technology Officer

$90k – $120k • 0.0% – 10.0%
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We are building The Brane out of our love for knowledge and our optimism for the future of our planet. Our future is under threat. We must solve these problems and mend these divisions together. The Brane aims to co-create a collaborative knowledge graph where shared wisdom might be harnessed in ways never before seen to fight for a liveable earth and an inclusive society. We trust our technology will help us to learn, grow, share and thrive in ways that make us more human.

To make our vision a reality, we need someone like you, a Senior Full Stack Web Developer and DevOps expert who has the drive to become our Chief Technology Officer and successfully lead our dev teams.


The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) leads the Back-End and Front-End teams at The Brane to manage, integrate, and develop all the necessary platform features and services. They work closely with the founders to strategize and implement the objectives set for The Brane to achieve.


- The CTO must inspire the developer around the long-term vision of the company, as well as convince outside stakeholders of the role The Brane plays in our society.

- Work closely with the Founders to implement the most optimal technology roadmap in line with the overall strategic objectives of The Brane.

- Take the lead on all the tech initiatives.

- Manage and direct the Back-End and Front-End developer teams.

- Develop and manage databases, servers and DevOps services that support The Brane.

- Write clear, well-organized, and highly performing code for The Brane.

- Design, build, and maintain The Brane, using authoring and scripting languages, content creation tools, management tools, and digital media.

- Select programming languages, libraries, frameworks, design tools, or applications needed to achieve strategic objectives.

- Evaluate code to ensure structural validity, compliance with industry standards, and compatibility with all necessary browsers, devices, or operating systems.

- Identify problems uncovered by testing or customer feedback, and correct problems or refer problems to appropriate personnel for correction.

- Perform platform tests according to planned schedules, or after any platform revision.

- Ensure top security and resilience of our systems

- Develop and implement business logic, analytics, SEO and other forms.

- Deploy and scale The Brane platform.

- Help implement best practices for the management of a team of developers (i.e., continuous integration, agile development, extreme programming).


- Expert in Node.js (version 8+)

- Experience with REST, Hateoas, Docker, Docker swarm/Kubernetes is required

- Experience in Front-End technologies such as React, React Router, PostCSS (css 4), webpack is required

- Good understanding of Babel and Gulp is required

- Keen understanding of architecture and design patterns is required

- Experience with ArangoDB or neo4j/MongoDB is a strong asset
- Experience with Python, MariaDB/MySQL, Nginx/Varnish, HaProxy and technologies like Hive/Hadoop is a strong asset

- Professional written and spoken communication skills in English

90k-120k CAD in total compensation and equity

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Organizing humanity’s knowledge

The Brane focuses on Knowledge Management, Technology, Web Platform, and Science. Their company has offices in Montreal. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at https://thebrane.com/

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