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Electric Flight Crew is an exclusive fitness & social club. We are a group of athletic young professionals, committed to inspiring health, happiness, innovation, and fellowship, built on the foundation of collective fitness. Our members our thought-leaders in the industries of fitness, media, tech, medicine, fashion, nightlife, & design. In pursuit of our mission, EFC has partnered with some stellar brands including lululemon Nike, Under Armour, Kit & Ace, OrangeTheory, Soul Cycle, YogaWorks, and Barry's Bootcamp. We have 4 national locations that host weekly workouts followed by a well-deserved No Shower, Happy Hour.


Electric Flight Crew is looking for an All-Star intern to captain our social media presence and public relations endeavors. Their duties would include managing our social media accounts (Instagram, SnapChat, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.) as well as public relations through various communication outlets (blogs, digital / online, newspapers, magazines, television, etc.). During a typical workday with EFC, the intern will post new images and stories to our social feeds, interact with our followers, monitor the success of social media posts, develop and coordinate media releases, engage local media outlets, and find creative and innovative ways to engage our audience. Come ready to work hard, play hard, and have fun with the EFC family!


- Increase social media following and enhance social media engagement for EFC

- Engage media outlets with the goal of promoting EFC in multiple media channels

- Source and execute creative ways to provide PR for EFC

- Scan, clip and / or secure digital copies of EFC placement in any and all publications

- Excellent grammar, spelling, and use of emojis

- Strong attention to detail

- The ability to be a self-starter, work efficiently, and produce quality results with minimal supervision

- The ability to work independently and collaboratively in completing all needed tasks

- Experience with MailChimp is a plus

- Willingness to help execute planning and operations leading up to weekly workouts and runs

- Passion for fitness, wellness, and fun

- Entrepreneurial mindset

Time Commitment: Interns are able to receive school credit and must be available 2-3 days a week, for a minimum of 3 months. Your total hourly commitment will vary by week based on current events and activities.


Please include the following items and information in your application:

• A brief description of yourself and your passion points

• What you see yourself doing post-graduation

• Your contact information

• Your resume

• Links to your Facebook profile and Instagram account

• 2 - 3 examples of your “social media presence”

Please submit inquires to train@electricflightcrew.com

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