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We protect digital assets at the individual asset level in a fail-safe manner

Co-founder/Senior Full-stack Web Developer (Microsoft or Apache stack)

$80k – $150k • 1.0% – 10.0%
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The AMUmail™ product (and by extension, our funding efforts) require several custom Web components for the registration of the product and setting up of accounts (for security reasons, these are not trivial). Additional components are required for sophisticated online editing of security criteria, and to act as front ends to pass-through processing by back-end socket servers (which other staff will write).

This is the initial role we are seeking to fill. As we grow and attain funding, this position will evolve into architecting and overseeing our entire technical online presence (in cooperation with Web development on the business side) as an upper management/C-executive-level role (dependent upon the goals and capabilities of the person in this role and how far they want to take it).

There are currently two named founders - myself, as the inventor, original founder, and current CTO, and Scott Orman, our COO who has been managing and developing our web presence on the business side, assembling video and marketing materials, providing documentation and research, assisting with technical direction, and handling business matters since mid-2016. We anticipate bringing another person on board as a founder, David Jensen, as a marketing, sales, and business management professional. David has been helping us out part-time, and his assumption of that role has been pending completion of his obligations to his current employer, after which we anticipate bringing him on fulltime. We have held the final founders slot open for the person who takes charge of our technical web presence. We would offer founder's equity in Certitude Digital (percentage to be negotiated commensurate with abilities, experience, and situation) on a 4/1 cliff (we have in the past waved the cliff for exceptional performance), necessary development equipment and software, work space if required (though working from home is actually preferred). Initially, we would offer no salary or benefits (for a period as short as three months, or as long as one year), though there is a possibility depending upon the funding environment and likely partners some portion of that could be as deferred income. Upon attainment of funding, you would receive a competitive salary and benefits, with additional performance-based stock options and bonuses negotiable.

As a founder, your name, face, and position would be prominently featured in our online presence, our marketing materials, and our documentation. In addition to your development and design work, you would participate in presentations, business discussions, and negotiations with funders, partners, staff, stockholders, and stakeholders. You would have a say and a vote in critical business decisions, and share in the full knowledge of the business' activities.

As to our requirements, this position requires senior-level skills, maturity, discipline, considerable communications skills, and sufficient financial security to withstand three months to one year of no income. We can consider either Linux mixed-stack (Java/JavaScript/PHP/MySQL/Apache/etc) or Microsoft stack (ASP.NET/C#/SQLServer/IIS) Web skills, although in some ways the Microsoft stack would be preferable. Experience with OutSystems or another low-code option would be a definite plus. Cybersecurity skills are not required beyond than those necessary for secure website development, but having an interest in (or familiarity) with cybersecurity generally could be helpful. We would prefer someone from the San Diego area because this is also a founder's role, and requires the ability to participate in meetings with third parties (we also have a weekly status meeting where we all get together on Fridays). We may be able to accommodate working remotely in some circumstances, although that would not be the long-term expectation.

We encourage diversity, and welcome qualified applicants of any background, gender, faith, or geographic origin. Tolerance, honesty, and respect for the rights of others are absolute requirements.

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Founder/Chief Technology Officer at Two's Complement, LLC. Thirty years contractual software engineer for more than 60 clients, including NASA, ExxonMobil, etc.

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We protect digital assets at the individual asset level in a fail-safe manner

Certitude Digital focuses on Mobile, Enterprise Software, Cyber Security, and Public Sector. Their company has offices in San Diego. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at https://www.CertitudeDigital.com

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