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We protect digital assets at the individual asset level in a fail-safe manner

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We are Certitude Digital (CertitudeDigital.com), a Delaware corporation since 2016, making major waves in cybersecurity. While the thundering herds of the the rest of the industry went chasing the idea of wrapping ever-larger collections of things with Band-aided-on top-down gimmicks and schemes that do not work (primarily because those big collections of things became attractive to state actors like China, Russia and North Korea with lots of resources and motivation, and the hackers were smarter and faster), we learned how to protect digital assets at the individual asset level in a fail-safe manner, and to preserve the rights of an owner and artist throughout the lifetime of a digital asset, across any operating system, method of transportation, device, or storage mechanism. We hold numerous issued patents, several applications are wending their way through the U.S. Patent Office, and more are in development, in subject matters ranging from the very heart of encryption to complete architectural cybersecurity systems. We've been at this in one form or another for almost ten years (an more than thirty years consulting to some of the largest corporations in the world), with several demos now online and many of the fundamental components complete. In short, much of the heavy lifting has been done.
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