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Earthquake Early Warning for the World

Hardware Engineer (Mexico located only)

$20k – $35k • 0.3% – 0.8%
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At Grillo we are building a new type of earthquake early-warning system using IOT, Machine Learning and Big Data We want to save as many lives as possible, and reduce the anxiety of living in earthquake-vulnerable places.

By leveraging the latest in hardware design, IOT, Machine Learning and Big Data, Grillo is surpassing expensive government-sponsored alerting systems used in a few countries around the world. Grillo has support from the US Government’s USAID department, Harvard and others.

Our team includes some of the best seismologists in the world. We're looking for an IoT Hardware Engineer who can prototype devices that get people out of bed before an earthquake.

Grillo is only interested in the very best programmers that can demonstrate their experience.

Most importantly, we are looking for people that hate earthquakes as much as we do.

-Free coffee
-Fast earthquake alerts
-Saving the world superhero status

- Ability to work across hardware, software, and production
- Schematic and PCB layout experience (eagle or kicad)
- Embedded software development (C/C++, Arduino)
- Python a plus
- Experience with cloud services such as AWS/Azure/Google with their IoT services including MQTT a plus

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