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Software Engineer (BKED_CHAT)

$88k – $105k • No equity
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What makes WELL unique:
What you do matters. Here at Well you can see the efforts of your work in our end product. We have a casual, flexible informal work environment, you’ll have an intro into your area of focus and have the ability to jump right in and begin to work (No long training/waiting periods like FAANG). We are an agile environment, what you do matters. You’ll be able to take pride in your work and your contributions are seen pretty quickly through our sprint development life cycle. We are a highly diverse company, engaged organization whose employees are passionate about the mission of the company and whose management is passionate about the employees. These drivers are the keys to our continued success.

Preferred Experience:
3 plus years of software engineering experience
Experience with AWS (Lamda) or GCP or Azure in system monitoring in a cloud environment
Experience with Java-Script
Demonstrated software engineering skills utilized in the rapid development (sprint environment) of backend services as required by the business through completion
Experience in a NO-SQL environment
API and Linux experience
Design and architect experience
Enjoys and can thrive in a workplace that values autonomy, applauds ideas