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Senior Full Stack Developer

€60k – €100k
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We're expanding our core development team and we're looking for our next Senior Full Stack Developer. If you've been playing this game long enough to know that "Full stack developers" are just smart folk who are passionate about all things computing, you're at the right place! While we love teaching, right now it's our time to grow and a solid foundation of senior developers to build out our team is in our opinion essential. That's why we're looking for well-rounded, experienced developers. A team that raises SignRequest up to new heights. Really putting talent to use to grow as a company and grow as professionals is our ultimate goal.

We're looking for you if you

Love Python
Can deal with JavaScript
Enjoy pushing bare metal to the limit (metaphorically speaking, we're using AWS)
Appreciate an efficient developer environment
See yourself building and leading a team (if this is your ambition)

You have

- AWS; Europe servers, ECS, ECR, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, Redis, WAF, Cloudfront, SES, SNS, S3 etc. The full stack described in Cloudformation templates generated with Python (Troposphere) Rolling updates with 0 downtime.
- Backend; mostly Python, some Java. Async tasks in AWS Lambda and python workers running from a queue. Services are stateless.
- Frontend; Fully static SPA served from S3/Cloudfront in Vue (coming from AngularJS).
- Some Tools; Circle CI (full test run in 30 minutes, room to improve speed), Sentry (front and backend errors), New Relic, Datadog and various analysis tools.

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