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Intelligent & Scalable Accounts Payable Platform

Finly- Senior Backend Engineer (4+ years)

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Opportunity in our Product Team?
Our system has over 4 products & 12 modules designed by product managers working with banking & finance experts. The company’s growth from here is based on a multi-product strategy. The way we’re scaling our product team is in-line with the company’s strategy.

Your customers are the CFOs & Finance Teams in mid to large scale enterprise businesses and you will build these products to solve the problems faced by them.

You’ll become familiar with all parts of our stack from end to end. You’ll design and implement features to be scalable and resilient by working with both our infrastructure engineers and our product engineers. You’ll be a driver for positive change to Finly’s engineering culture, processes and technology.

Here are some examples of the projects in the different products:
Payment automation by building a deep integration with multiple banking systems:

  • Governance frameworks with policy controlled workflows.
  • Core finance document management system.
  • Automating reconciliation of transactions across business
  • Collaboration tools among finance, vendors & employees.
  • Continuous ETL for integrating with CRMs like Salesforce & Accounting Systems like SAP.


  • Complete Finly’s new-hire training week, and learn Accounts Payable
  • Processes & the various partners we work with to make Finly happen.
  • Investigate, solve and release a bug fix to production. In order to do this you will ramp up on Finly’s engineering stack by pair-programming with your teammates and attending engineering training sessions designed and presented by the team.
  • Meet with cross-functional peers around the company to learn how the product functions.
  • Complete your engineering starter project and deploy your first changes to production.


  • Individually contribute reliably ship full features to customers.
  • Own major product areas and take features from mock to deploy.
  • Estimate technical scope and time to complete major features and initiatives.


  • Move to new product vertical & initiative and start designing and architecting scalable systems as per the requirements discussed with Product Manager.
  • Have made a visible impact on the product for all the users of Finly.
  • Work closely with your team to remove roadblocks, educate on best practices and improve how we work.
  • Be comfortable navigating most of our stack and infrastructure
  • Be responsible for the planning, scoping, design, and implementation of new features
  • Participate in interviewing and hiring, as a way to influence team growth and how our values inform our culture


  • Individually contribute and lead teams to reliably ship full features to customers.
  • Estimate technical scope and time to complete major products and initiatives.
  • Define tools and standards for product engineering to measure performance impact of releases
  • Help grow other engineers technically by mentoring, pairing and developing other learning opportunities
  • Collaborate with engineering and product leadership to define priorities and set delivery goals.

So in this role, you will work with the respective team’s product manager and other engineers in that team. You may work on the front-end or backend or both based on the requirement of the project.

Join us & have the authority and responsibility to make things happen!

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Intelligent & Scalable Accounts Payable Platform

Finly focuses on Enterprise Software, Cloud Computing, Payments, and B2 B Market – Sme’S Specifically . Their company has offices in Bengaluru and Mumbai. They have a small team that's between 11-50 employees.

You can view their website at http://www.finly.io or find them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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