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Restaurant Online Ordering & Marketing Software

Sales Development Representative

$45k – $55k
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We are seeking high energy individuals who are looking to be part of a growing (food-inspired) tech startup SAAS company based in the heart of Manhattan. Simply put, your job will be to help us grow our customer base in a variety of creative ways while working closely with other members of the team and the managing partners on a daily basis.

This is an entry level position at our office based in Manhattan. Your ultimate goal at the end of the day is to develop a book of business: finding leads, nurturing and converting those leads into set appointments for our sales team to attend for demos. Your target audience will be restaurant owners and managers who can use our proprietary online ordering technology and marketing solutions to grow their business.

About Us

Our mission is to facilitate a line of communication and direct online ordering between restaurants and their customers. The current atmosphere for typical online ordering has virtually hijacked customers away from the restaurants they were meant to serve. Instead, we partner with restaurants to promote their brand first, powering their platform silently in the background. Our business model is unique and sought after and the technology has already been battle tested and proven to save hundreds of restaurants time, money, resources and the current disconnect they have with their customer base. We have customers all over the world, but our main focus for this position will be on working in our backyard, NYC!

Your Responsibilities

Prospect for and develop leads based on our outlined criteria using a variety of creative ways such as social, email, phone, web research or by attending industry related events and being involved in the community. Creativity is key when trying to get in contact with the right person. Key responsibility: Set demo meetings and next stage phone/virtual meetings for our senior reps.Manage day to day data and lead generating progress in an organized manner and communicate it properly through our Sales CRM in order to keep everyone up to speed on your book of business. Create excitement around our product to potential clients. Meet and exceed our realistic quotas, we’re not here to badger anyone – ain’t nobody got time for that.


Sales must come natural to you, you are a born evangelist for whatever you take part in throughout your life and can make small talk with anyone and keep them interested.

You are driven to succeed regardless of any roadblocks and can see the upside in any situation. You have the ability to deflect negativity and counter comments that come from left field without being thrown off track or flustered.

You don’t require hand-holding throughout projects and can bring intelligent insight into business practices when asked about them within the team.

You are not content with staying still or stagnant and wish to continue learning and growing as a sales professional.You are persuasive, assertive but also sincere.

You can empathize with customers and their current situation and know how to win their hearts with the details. Appreciation and understanding for technology / web related business Above all - you have an extremely positive attitude and wish to punch pessimism in its dirty little face. You are a winner and pushing forward everyday is who you are.

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Restaurant Online Ordering & Marketing Software

9Fold focuses on SaaS and Restaurants. Their company has offices in New York City. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at https://9fold.me/