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Saturn Chat

Front End Javascript (WebVR) Developer (Intern) at Saturn Chat

Los Angeles, Remote · Internship
Our goal is to build a modern messenger. Read More
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Job Description

We are building Saturn Chat, a different kind of messenger.

Our goals include, making it a web based messenger, highly accessible + enabling fun, unique, entertaining, engaging experiences for our users.

As such, we are experimenting, with 3D objects, the concept of a stage, effects, emojis, gifs and more.

We've build a number of products in the space and will continue to innovate in and around this area. If you are a pioneer and want to lead into the forefront of the web, tell us more your vision and interest.

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What We're Building

Exploration! We are a pre-funded start-up with grand aspirations.

We believe there are significant opportunities in the world of communication. It's our goal to create software experiences as well as, hardware, specifically designed for communication and entertainment.

High on the exploration list: audio, 3D, immersive scenes, gifs, various identity models, integrations

Visit to see our raw alpha

Type in bar, hit return: regular chat
Type in bar, hit image icon: gif search / returns option of 9 gifs to display on the stage
Hit upload image: uploads image to stage (alpha)
Type the following in bar for stage effects:

star: wow cool amazing nice interesting
rain: sad rain water juicy
snow: snow cold icy chill
money: money

Try Emojis!

See our sister products:


Our goal, 1 billion + users

Add testimonials, product launches, and photos that highlight your company

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