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eBook retailer embedded in social network (FB meets Amazon - for eBooks)

Zola is transforming the eBook ecosystem in radical and exciting ways - we are primarily author owned, and we are a tech startup; we bring together publishers, authors, readers, independent bookstores, book clubs, reviewers, bloggers and others to make the eBook business a rich and healthy ecosystem where everybody wins. Read More
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What We're Building

Zola is an eBooks retailer embedded in a social network, enabling readers to better discover, purchase, enjoy and share eBooks.

Zola also aggregates and aligns the interests of eBook value-adders: readers, authors, publishers, indie bookstores, reviewers, bloggers, magazines, social networks, and book clubs; so we serve the eBook industry through better revenue shares, affiliate fees, and direct access to customers through email and real-time sales data (missing from current Amazon/B&N practice, forcing marketers to drive blind.)

Zola has exclusive books from bestselling authors that will bring 1 M customers in our first year - we have more bestselling authors committed to sell through Zola than Amazon!

When you buy a book on Zola you can read it any device, including a Kindle or a Nook, so consumers are not locked into a platform.

Zola also has three recommendation types: social (like Spotify), algorithmic (like Netflix), and expert curators (like OpenSky).

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Zola Books Team

Michael Strong
Co-founder of Zola Books, ran Sotheby's digital, ex-literary agent, Comp Lit PhD candidate, Outward Bound instructor.
Joe Regal
Co-founder Zola Books. Previously founder Regal Literary. 20 yrs in publishing. Switched major from Physics to Literature. Magna cum laude.
Luke Gilson
A Full Stack developer with a strong Product and Project Management background.

Zola Books Investors

David Nardone
President & CEO, Hemaraj Land And Development Public Company Limited