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Marketing Manager at Zipline Live

St. Louis · Full Time
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Can you rally a global revolution through your passion and energy? Are you and out of the box thinker that is ready to push boundaries?

We are thinking big. Zipline is e-commerce democracy: We are fanatic about being the perfect platform to tell real stories for every small and big product owner, business and influencer alike. We are the mobile/web video platform where transactions occur anywhere, live and in real time.

We're seeking a Marketing Manager, focused on growth expansion. You will manage and execute tactics for all growth related programs for our two audience groups: product owners and influencers. This will include managing the lifecycle of those audiences; from marketing to them to onboarding and relationship management.

We are a small and highly collaborative team looking for a team member who thrives when presented with a challenge. Degrees aren’t important to us, experience, passion and a desire to put your mark on a company ready to launch is.


· Manage growth plans for our two core audience groups: product owners and influencers.

· Execute on plans across the various marketing channels, take point on converting those into specific goals and tasks and analyze for success and opportunities to improve.

· Connect with and understand the needs of our core audiences, using that information to provide our product team with valuable feedback to impact product iterations.

· Connect with and show value of our technology to our core audiences and help them adopt Zipline.

· Create use cases and strategies for our audiences to use Zipline and assist them in incremental value from the product.

· Create and execute on a basic email marketing program as well as manage our social media.

· Monitor market trends, research consumer markets, and competitors’ activities to identify opportunities and key issues.


· Ability to act as a mentor to our audiences.

· Passion for being out in the field with those we are trying to reach.

· Ability to develop strong contacts.

· Experience in online and social media.

· Grit, positive attitude, and enthusiasm.

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What We're Building

Zipline helps you create videos that transact.

Our video e-commerce platform connects you with other individuals and brands in order to sell products, in real time. We are at the center of e-commerce, live video, and influencer marketing, which allows us to create a better experience for everyone involved.

With the power of Zipline, you can upload/search for products, pair them with a live broadcast or recorded video, and share with your network. Your viewers can then purchase these products in real time. Using our platform, content creators everywhere can make money from the products they know and love.

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