Jobs at ZipGo

On Demand AC Bus Service for India

ZipGo is trying to change the urban commute by providing a clean, comfortable, safe, reliable, respectable and affordable transportation option for the 99%. The founding team wants to solve for all the issues associated with today's daily commute in our cities including traffic and pollution. We believe it is essential to improve the transportation infrastructure in our cities in order to make them more livable. We are building a smart urban commuting option so that the next million don't buy cars and bikes and instead choose a shared transportation option. Read More

What We're Building

Comfortable, Convenient, Reliable, Safe and Affordable urban transportation option for the masses.

Creating a private bus network

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Jobs at ZipGo

ZipGo Team

Jitender Sharma
Co-founder @ZipGo, @TaxiPixi. Previously @UBS, Barcap, @Headstrong, Infosys. Education: MBA, Chicago Booth 2010, Chemical & Bio Engineering, NIT, India, 2000.
Gaurav Agarwal
Co-Founder @zipgo-commute-smarter @TaxiPixi, Previous: @CapitalOne ;@CSC; @HCL Education: @Darden School of Business @Delhi College of Engineering
Pritesh Gupta
Co-founder, Zipgo; Previously @TinyOwl Technology @Olacabs ; Founder, @Rights Reality, a technology focused patent licensing firm; Ex-Samsung; B.Tech IIT.
Saurabh Bathla
Saurabh,MBA from Asian Institute of Management,Philippines offers more than 6 years of experience in the area of operations and corporate sales.
Zaid Azmi
Hiring for all roles @zipgo-commute-smarter .
Arpit Agarwal
@zipgo-commute-smarter Previous: @TinyOwl Technology @Box8, B.Tech,Chemical Engg, IIT
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ZipGo Investors

Steven Lurie
Founder, Team Builder Ventures (early-stage VC fund helping founders build world-class teams). Before: @Zynga, head of mobile, International & teams in India

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