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New York City · Full Time

Zipdrug is a fast-growing healthcare technology startup, changing the way pharmacies and health insurance companies work together to make their patients happy and healthy. We leverage delivery to bring patients a better experience from the highest-quality providers in their network at the lowest possible cost. Our platform merges traditional data sources like prescription claims with new indicators of quality to create a deeper, more personal understanding of pharmacy care. We are backed by some of the smartest investors in healthcare and have partnered with major health insurers, managing care for millions of patients.

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Job Description

We need your help to expand our platform to more patients and to play a part in fixing a massive and very broken segment of the healthcare industry. We are a small and tight-knit engineering / product team of two and are looking for a third to share our many hats, including:

- (mostly) Frontend development with react / react native / redux
- (some) Backend development with node / graphql / postgres
- (less) Data analysis of patient records with python / pandas / tensorflow

We’re looking for another self-starter who can build pixel perfect frontend code, design architecturally-sound foundations to last, and who has the track record to prove it. We care about what we’re building and take an active role in the product design process. This is a senior position and we need someone with at least 3 years of industry experience.

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What We're Building

We built Care Control ™ – a first of its kind pharmacy care coordination platform that makes managing winning and patients easier than ever before for Zipdrug network pharmacies.

Care Control ™ is a fully distributed phone system; provides pharmacists and health plans real-time analysis of claims and pharmacy data; scores pharmacy quality; tracks and optimizes adherence in real-time; enables pharmacies to schedule and track home delivery; flags cost savings opportunities for pharmacists to execute upon with members or prescribers; provides workflow management for pharmacies; and most importantly rewards marketshare to the pharmacies who have the highest Zipdrug score.

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Zipdrug Team

Stu Libby
Co-founder , co-founder @solve @Zipdrug • Worked at @Google, @DoubleClick
Peter Berg
Grew tech team from 1 to 8 as CTO @SquareFoot, led development of an algorithmic trading platform, founded a monthly payments company
Jon Perl
CTO @Zipdrug, Head of Tech @Dispatch, Guest Lecturer @Purdue University CS, Software Architect @Angieslist, Cofounder @FoundOPS
Michael Demarais
Senior Software Engineer @Zipdrug Was 1st Frontend Engineer @Dispatch • Founded / built @Handprint • Intern @Privy • Prev. resident of @Brad Feld Fiberhouse
Diya Wadhwa Shah
VP Partner Success @Zipdrug, Consultant @Huron Consulting Group
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Zipdrug Investors

Adam Carver
Business Development at @AngelList. Former @MESA Ventures, @Techstars, @Morgan Stanley. Proud @University of Michigan @Skidmore College alum. Pearl jam fan
Geoff Judge
Active angel over 100 direct inv since 02, fmr Partner- iNovia Cap, inv incl Collective, PexCard, Routehappy, Chango, Bombora, Accordant, MadisonLogic, pond5,
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