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Zikher provides small banks with a white-label platform where their customers can originate and streamline different types of loans using a single interface. With our platform, customer's information is saved into the bank's system so they don't have to refill their customer profile when applying for multiple loans. Zikher creates a digital data pipeline that connects the customer application, loan officer, bank’s on-boarding system, third party document verification vendors, and decision makers. All parties can get real-time loan information all in one place, even on their mobile devices. Customers can apply for a loan within minutes, which is much more efficient compared to the current paper based process that takes three to four hours. Zikher will help banks stay competitive and achieve technological superiority in their market.

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Jobs at Zikher

Zikher Team

Amir Khan
Founder @Zikher, @Zikher Software Solutions
Anthony Shuker
Web Developer at Zikher
Tushar Prabodhankar
Process and people-spirited leader focused on supporting cross- functional teams to develop solutions for high-visibility problems to meet requirements.
Disha Ponkiya
CSU EB Pioneer, Full stack developer having 3 years of Experience, Java Expertise, Worked at product company Sterlite Tech; excited, passionate, quick learner
nayan gavand
I am a passionate UX designer implementing creative ideas using appropriate tools sketches, wireframes, low and high-fidelity mockups, and prototypes
Monika Oswal
Full Cycle Recruiter with more than 3yrs of exp in managing all aspects of HR: sourcing,screening,coordinating & final hiring is looking for next adventure :)
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