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ZenBusiness Team

Ross Buhrdorf
CEO at ZenBusiness, Founding CTO at HomeAway. Board for the Santa Fe Institute, Board of ANBTX, VP at, Hal Computers. Passionate about startups
JC Glancy
Founder & Chief Revenue Officer of ZenBusiness Inc. Double major in Entrepreneurship and Business Management. Former Facebook.
Art Flores
Worked at Bissex & Watson, Went to The University Of Texas At Austin
Carlos Balderas
Currently Zenbusiness, ex, Harvest, Ex IBM, ex UT Research

ZenBusiness Investors

Mellie Price
//// startup investor & advisor //// founder @SoftMatch @frontgatetix //// general partner & managing director @Capital Factory /// hands on, active investor
Jason Traff
Current @Shipwell. Investor @Bisonwood. Founded @Leaky (Acq 2013). @Y Combinator & @Massachusetts Institute of Technology alum. Did one ultramarathon.
Pat Matthews
Founder, Active Capital. Investor in 50+ startups. Co-founder,, acquired by Rackspace then six year Racker & CEO @Filestack.
Terry Dougas
Producer/financier of Film and TV and digital media Angel investor Founder of Rhea Films, 1821 Media
David Hunt/Hunt Technology Ventures, L.P.
Founder/Managing Partner of Hunt Technology Ventures, L.P. Early stage investor backing relentless founders with disruptive ideas.
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