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Tasks Orchestration for developers

Zenaton is transforming background jobs management by providing a technology enabling asynchronous tasks execution and monitoring, easy orchestration of those tasks, and analytics toolings. The core tech is developed in Elixir, but we provide libraries to use it on every language (node.js, PHP, and soon Go, Python, Ruby, Java, .Net...). Our product is mission-critical and already used in production by many companies. We just raised a large seed round from Tier 1 VCs. We are looking for highly skilled, customer-focused, communicative developers. The company is at an early stage, so you need to be independent, proactive and enthusiastic. Read More

Jobs at Zenaton

Zenaton Team

Gilles Barbier
Passionate about innovation. CEO Zenaton, Director at @The Family, Founder of @Leetix and @Tellmewhere. Strong engineering background Ecole Polytechnique + PhD
Louis Cibot
Founder @Zenaton

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