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Job Description

Zello is creating a new voice social media with a business communication revenue model. With more than 120 million registered users Zello has been the the #1 overall app in the US and 5 other countries during times of crisis.

As a senior analytic-oriented product marketer you’ll drive use and our subscription growth rate by understanding prospects and creating an inbound marketing machine.

You’ll start with solid organic growth and credibility from the product category leader and a top development team.

Success looks like this:

By your second month you'll understand the current flow and top business goals. You've defined specific metrics, and are managing details of the next phase of the metrics data structure and reporting.

By your third month you've identified the obvious growth hurdles and defined your approach for testing alternatives to measure and improve.

Within six months you've moved beyond on-boarding and deep in the sales funnel to begin experimenting with retention.

Within nine months you are working on paid acquisition at the top of the funnel to understand costs and return.

About you:

- You've done something similar before and can share examples and lessons.
- You are entrepreneurial by nature and like inventing better than copying.
- Your co-workers say you are a fun and articulate data geek.
- You are quick to spot patterns and insight and able to formulate experiments to test.
- You've been making mistakes for a while and are senior enough to define a strategy.
- You are not dependent on a staff to get the actual work done.
- You develop a deep understanding of what individuals want and how they behave from initial awareness thru their journey.

You’ll bring:

- Experience measuring mobile apps, software as a service, consumer or B2B services.
- Experience succeeding within an early stage startup (you succeed if not the startup).
- A few years of experience defining and deploying business intelligence solutions with platforms like Looker, HubSpot, Tranfive, Redshift, Google Analytics and internal product metrics.
- Some history as a programmer

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What We're Building

Zello is for live conversation. Voice is the original social media reinvented with mobile. Zello has over 102M registered users. Zello has been the go-to app during Hurricanes, uprisings in Turkey, Egypt, Venezuela, and Ukraine. It's how you get a cab in Hong Kong and the 911 system of South Africa.

ZelloWork is a business subscription service replacing 2-way radio. Zello is core communication for hundreds of Hospitality, Transportation, Construction and Retail customers like Restoration Hardware, IKEA, Starwood, YRC, Waste Management and Trimble.

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Zello Team

Bill Moore
CEO of @Zello, a profitable voice chat startup with 120M users. Founder of @TuneIn
Alexey Gavrilov
CTO at @Zello, my 3rd startup. Previously dev at @TuneIn. MSc in applied math and physics.
Eugene Mymrin
Senior software engineer and co-founder @Zello.
Amy Roberts
Designer at Zello, previously at Microsoft Teams. Masters in HCI + Design from University of Washington.
Adam Bailey
Senior Mobile Developer at @Zello. Went to The Ohio State University.

Zello Investors

Bill Moore
CEO of @Zello, a profitable voice chat startup with 120M users. Founder of @TuneIn
John M. Davidson
PhD-Univ Hawaii, Author-Introduction to TCP/IP, Founder-CTO Ungermann-Bass, Founder-CEO Network TeleSystems, Founder-GP Startup Capital Ventures, Investor