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Jobs at Zeamo

Getting into gyms just got easier.

Zeamo is searching for team members who are passionate about the fitness space.

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What We're Building

Zeamo is a simple-to-use platform that lets employees directly choose from hundreds of popular fitness clubs to design a plan based around their own daily habits, exercise preferences, and income.

From the C-suite to your traveling sales team, Zeamo helps companies keep the whole team happy and healthy from one affordable rate.

Through simple & convenient products, we allow employees the freedom to workout where they want, while providing employers the data & feedback to see the return on their investment.

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Jobs at Zeamo

Zeamo Team

Colleen Patterson
Freelance Content Creator and Social Media Specialist
Taylor Hinson
Zeamo - (11/16 - Present) ClassPass - (11/14 - 3/16)
Brian Spitler
Syracuse University: B.S. and M.S. in Accounting. CPA in the state of New York.
Pernell Thompson
Club Partnership Manager at Zeamo.
Shannie Doyle
Economics grad; Intern exp. w/ Accenture, digital transformation project; Intern exp. digital agency; Self starter;social media set up for family business.
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