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Reimagining private markets

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What We're Building

Zanbato is a private securities crossing network providing market data, counter-party verification, and order execution to a membership of broker-dealers and institutionally-sized investors/shareholders.

Jobs at Zanbato

Zanbato Team

Nico Sand
Founder @Zanbato
Kevin Leung
VP of Engineering and Founder @Zanbato
Tevon Strand-Brown
Computer Science Student @ Stanford, interested in fintech, AI, entreprenuership.
Michael Chen
Software Engineer @Zanbato , Recent Northwestern Alum, Led EPIC - Northwestern's entrepreneurial organization, Build startups
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Zanbato Investors

Michael Neril
Founder & Managing Partner at Spider Capital. Previously Co-Founder & Managing Director at Webb Investment Network (WIN).
Mike Paulus
EIR at Formation 8. President of Addepar. Senior Associate at Anduin. Undergrad (Econ) and Masters (MS&E) at @Stanford University.
Frank Meehan
Partner SparkLabs Global VC. SparkLabs Korea Accelerator. Co-Founder Formerly Board Director representing Horizons Ventures at Spotify, Siri, Summly
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