Zac Witte

Founder of @HandUp, first employee at @PubNub, worked at @Castlight Health, data-obsessed computer scientist

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What I Do

I'm a generalist software engineer and product developer with well rounded experience. Interested in scalable solutions to real human problems. I love polished, well-designed products, big distributed systems, and data-informed decisions. Rock climber, explorer, audiophile, sci-fi nerd.


Co-founded @HandUp, a direct donation system for homeless people and others in-need. Donors give to a specific person and we ensure funds are used on basics like food, dental care, and housing by partnering with Human Service Organizations.

Previously, as Employee #1 at PubNub, I helped take the company from coffee shops to a 20-person team with contracts with multiple fortune 500 companies. I designed & implemented from scratch distributed systems that processed 2 million messages/sec in production, maintained a state machine for millions of open connections, and ran real-time analytics and visualizations for the traffic spanning 9 data-centers and dozens of servers.

Also made,,,, and autonomously navigating robots. Previously worked at Castlight Health and PEAK6/OptionsHouse.

What I'm Looking For

Scalable solutions to real human problems. Sci-fi like hardware-software ideas. Big data, analytics, real-time continuous systems.