Zachary Allia

Notable silicon valley web hacker. @64 Pixels (, @SGN, @Tapulous. @Facebook Fund advisor, 500 Startups mentor. Notable @Facebook Platform developer.

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What I Do

Always building something. Makeshift designer. Love talking about products. Love rethinking products. Rapid development, constant iteration. I love reading real customer feedback. Innovative/crazy scaling solutions on web & mobile.


Created Free Gifts, which was #1 in users on Facebook Platform for a significant amount of time in 2007.

What I'm Looking For

I'm looking to hack on products / re-think existing products. Anything from just chatting, to sitting down and writing code, all the way to pretending I know how to design.

Andrew Lacy
Founder @ Zaptravel. ex-SVP Disney Mobile at @the-walt-disney-company; Cofounder & COO of @tapulous
Kenneth Ballenegger
Entrepreneur, Developer, Designer. First Hire, Architect & Head of Mobile Engineering @chartboost. Engineer @tapulous, @disney.