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I invest in three types of deals. The first group are founders I know well; in this business founders are everything. I am very comfortable backing superstars based on little more then their involvement (though that rarely happens as they almost always have a great idea.)

The second group is comprised of companies in sectors where I have a great deal of experience such as ad tech, marketing, email, enterprise saas, some consumer tech and data. I look hard for original, defensible ideas that have the potential to become huge. I would rather lose on a bunch of companies than to miss out on one of the big ones. This is a business of swinging for home runs and being comfortable with striking out. Cruise Automation is a great example of this strategy. When we invested in Cruise a lot of folks thought it was a weird investment; six months later it was sold to GM for a billion dollars. Also, one of the greatest advantages of AngelList is that it enables significant diversification to have a better chance of getting into one of the winners. I don't consider myself an index investor (in the public markets I had a 30.9% IRR over the seven years I was active), but I love the value of smart diversification.

The third group are deals that I get access to as a result of my network where a great VC or angel whose investing I respect is leading the round and I can get a small allocation. Basically a smart follower strategy. In those deals I like to put in a small amount of capital and syndicate the rest so that you all can share. Another great way to diversify in the hunt for the nonlinear returns.

Here are a couple podcasts where I discuss my investment thesis and approach:

The Full Ratchet

Angel by Jason Calacanis

The Syndicate


As a ten year startup CEO I built a very large network of founders, angels, VCs and friends. All of my deal flow comes from those relationships.

Zach Coelius
First $1B exit with an AngelList Syndicate when GM bought Cruise Automation. Former founder and CEO of Triggit.
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Acquired for $230M in 2019
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Acquired by General Motors for $1B in 2016
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Acquired in 2019
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Kevin Weil
Head of Product at Instagram. Former SVP of Product at Twitter. Former big data engineer. Ultra-marathons, particle physics, diet mountain dew, hadoop, lolcats.
Jack Chou
@affirm, @pinterest, founder, @linkedin . Before that: @google, @oracle-2, @stanford-university.
Tod Sacerdoti
Entrepreneur (Pipedream / BrightRoll) & investor (AppLovin, Chime, Dynamic Signal, Gorgias, Iterable, LiveRamp, Marqeta, Retool, SafeGraph, Threads & Truework)
Zach Perret
Co-Founder of @plaid
Jason Calacanis
Investor in 150 startups, including & Thumbtack (first rounds).
Andrew Bursky
Own 17 industrial businesses with facilities in NA, EU, Asia and SA, active investor in angel and seed funds as well as vc funds; serial entrepreneur
Can help with
“I own a group of industrial businesses that operate globally. Have been able to bring insight, connect entrepreneurs and industrial users and provide...more
Gaurav Tewari
Accomplished executive with a record of success leading global, complex organizations. Established technology industry relationships and investment credentials
Auren Hoffman
CEO @safegraph . fmr CEO and fndr: @liveramp.
Tremendous experience in ad tech as a CEO and Founder, Advisor and Investor in the sector.

Zach knows both the technical issues and the business issues better than almost anyone
Zach is the total advisor. From product to go-to-market to company building, Zach's instincts are second to none and he is always there when you need him. He has been high impact thus far. Can't say enough.
Ant Taylor
For Zach Coelius's work with Lyte
Zach has been there from the beginning and is one of the true pioneers of the programmatic/RTB/ad data space.
Mark Shedletsky
For Zach Coelius's work with Vertical Mass
Zach was my business partner and co-founder at Triggit. Zach's amazing ability to understand, and see markets emerge before they become obvious enabled us to be early to market with multiple products. He is an extraordinarily charismatic thinker, leader, and speaker. Zach also has a...more
Zach makes big deals happen. Amazing influence.
Zach really digs in and gets operational.
Paul DeJoe
For Zach Coelius's work with Cavalry
Super connected, and committed to be an A+ early investor and advisor. Loves fun.
Adam Marchick
For Zach Coelius's investment at VoiceLabs is now Alpine.AI
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