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All-In-One Smarter Home

The culture at YzOak is very diverse, accepting and fun. We love technology, and are focused on how to use it to make the world a better place. Our collaboration was formed by an international partnership of like-minded individuals, working remotely, across several continents. Everyone involved is from a wide range of different cultures and beliefs, all united behind the idea of green consumer electronics. While our base of operations is in Oakland, California, we have consultants and mentors from around the world. We put into action the idea, "Think Globally, Act Locally." The greatest thing about working at YzOak is that we are earnestly working to make a positive impact. As a BCorp in the making, it's in our DNA to put the value of benefiting social and environmental causes above pure profit considerations. We believe, in the end, it pays to give! YzOak has already successfully supported a non-profit ( dedicated to empowering children in the emerging world. This was done in the spirit of the sharing economy, concurrently with our own web development. We plan to continue our public benefit projects both locally and beyond borders, while creating an electronics brand consumers can believe in, made from responsibly sourced, environmentally friendly, materials and processes.

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What We're Building

YzOak, "Smart Home, Made Wise."

Next Gen Connected Devices
Sustainable Crafted Design
Proceeds to Impact Causes

The YzOak YzPlug and YzLight are the first in a family of wisely made smart home automation devices. Each YzDevice not only controls power and lighting over iOS, Android or any internet browser--YzOak turns your home power system into a platform for integrated omni-directional mics & stereo speakers, motion, light, temperature, and power monitoring sensors.

Imagine home wide voice control for not only lighting, appliances and other smart devices...also digital assistant, hands free calls, intercom, streaming audio & alerts. Premium sustainable design with touch sensitive 100% recycled aluminum housing & cork accents. Powerful smart mesh repeater for WiFi, Bluetooth & Thread, built in!


With a personal information privacy guarantee, responsible manufacturing in the USA, and 10% of all net profit to impact causes.


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Jobs at YzOak

  • Software Engineering Jobs
    Senior Embedded Software Engineer
    Oakland, San Francisco, San Francisco Bay Area · Cofounder · No salary · 2.0% – 3.0%
  • Engineering Jobs
    Hardware Engineer
    Oakland, San Francisco, San Francisco Bay Area · Cofounder · No salary · 2.0% – 3.0%
  • Management Jobs
    Oakland, San Francisco, San Francisco Bay Area · Cofounder · No salary · 10.0% – 10.0%

YzOak Team

Jacob Mowbray
Founder & CEO @YzOak Business savvy generalist & environmentalist. Enthusiastic believer in the world-changing power of technology.
Mohamed Abuelgasim
Electrical engineer, amateur programmer and a passionate tech enthusiast. I love embedded systems, circuit design and PCBs.
Mark J Meyer
Principal Embedded Software Solutions Architect and Engineer
Ragavendran Balaji
UNC Charlotte, Computer Engineer, wide range of programming skills and open networker
Swapnil Modak
MS in Computer Engineering, majoring in Embedded Systems
Archana Shivashankar
core java, android, android SDK, eclipse, android studio, XML, JSON,GSON, Restful API & sync application with github & bitbucket.ButterKnife, Dragger, Retrofit.
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