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Marketplace for Player Crowdfunding, Fan Engagement, & Tournament Event Registration

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What We're Building

We allow skilled players to reach their superstar potential by providing access to capital through their fans.

The first marketplace where fans can directly sponsor their favorite players in poker and eSports while sharing the winnings.

Staking has existed has long as most games themselves. But the old marketplace is primarily underground, with less than 1% of fans having access.

At YouStake, we’ve created a simple and safe environment, where players sign up & fill out a form, we verify & publish the listing to the marketplace, and now fans can invest for as low as $20. YouStake will take care of contracts, tracking & analytics, transactions, and payouts.

This is a person to person sponsorship agreement - the marketplace creates access between fans and players, and takes care of all the administrative work.

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YouStake Team

Scott Hansbury
YouStake Co-Founder & CEO • Startup Vet participating in multiple exits, Worked at @Sun Microsystems, @IBM, @CreekPath Systems, @HighGround Systems
Frank DeGeorge
Founder, CEO @YouStake Military veteran/Army Captain, previously @Bank of America Merrill Lynch & @MGM Resorts International
Joseph Little
Strategic level leader and planner, organizational leadership, management consultant, program and project manager, business development.
Nick DeGeorge
Co-Founder YouStake Inc. | 500 Startups B16 | Musician & Entrepreneur | 5 yr Merrill Lynch FINRA Registered Senior Associate | Barron's Top Advisory Team

YouStake Investors

Sejal Patel
Mike Edelhart
Lead Partner Social Starts Early Stage Funds CEO Pivot Conference
Leo Chan
Oracle alum (87-96), Zip2 alum, first employee at multiple startups building and leading engineering teams. SM MIT, BS Johns Hopkins University
Tristan Pollock
EIR & Venture Partner at @500 Startups * Founded @Storefront (raised $10M, acq by OuiOpen) & @SocialEarth (acq by 3BL Media) * Forbes 30 Under 30 * TEDx speaker
Seth Ginns
Managing Director at @Jennison Associates
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