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Blurr is raw, bursting with energy and in a constant state of definition as we grow and succeed in revolutionizing the way people share memories. We 100% believe our people are the backbone and largest driving force behind achieving this goal, so making sure the team is happy and excited to be a part of Blurr is priority number one. We work smarter, not harder, and advocate more than anyone the importance of taking your pleasure seriously. If you're intent on causing a genuine effect on people's lives. If you love the incredible benefits photos and social media provides to us as humans and if enjoy being part of an unconventional, energetic team all working towards the same goal; then Blurr is the place for you.

Job Description

Looking for a mobile-focused design freelancer to lead the next UI/UX developments in our product roadmap. We want to keep the core 'love factors' of our product and develop a UI/UX that holistically encompasses our future vision for the user experience while coinciding with our brand/image.

Having an innate knowledge of the direction of mobile apps and how to utilize iOS 10 features into the design is important for us. We're also looking for strong specialization in working with consumer social apps and understanding the importance of designing habit-forming products.


Wireframes, storyboards, and prototyping experience

Assumed extensive experience with standard design and prototyping technologies (Photoshop, Sketch, etc)

All visual design stages from concept to hand-off to our engineering team

Up-to-date and knowledgable on the latest mobile technologies and how to effectively integrate them into the UI/UX

Portfolio working with consumer-centric social apps a must

Previous experience working with camera-facing products a huge plus!

Portfolio containing apps that visually represent user curated content in innovative and seamless ways also a massive plus

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What We're Building

An app that allows people to take and instantly share photos with others directly around them. We solve the problem of getting instant access to memorable photos taken around you. The app only connects people at the same place, at the same time, and takes people’s photo taking from private to public in very small areas of space.

Put yourself at that college frat party, or sports game, or wedding. You open the app, press "Start Blurr" and your Blurr is live.

From then, every single picture taken by anyone else on the app within the radius (with a one hour backlog included) you set will populate on your live feed, thus. There aren’t profiles or friends, and we give you the ability to view any picture appearing on your feed, save it down to your phone permanently or share straight to Facebook or Instagram. Your Blurr will end if you leave the radius, or choose to ‘End Blurr’. Once ended, you have 24 hours to go back and view your Blurr before the pictures disappear.

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