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Customized news for children

YoungCurrent is changing the way kids read news. We are a product with a truly global reach and are now ready to scale. We have been incubated at Startup Chile and are now part of NASSCOM's 10,000 StartUps as well as Google Launchpad.

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What We're Building

YoungCurrent: News for Kids, aggregated from child-friendly news publishers and served to each child's reading abilities. Students are able to practice and test themselves on the vocabulary they learn via news and receive weekly reports of their performance. YoungCurrent provides In-contextual Vocabulary help, customized assessments and weekly progress reports. This data is presented to the parent in a format that she can understand and to the child in a format she can act on.

YoungCurrent is bringing the power of Adaptive Learning to the experience of reading News among Children. We believe personalizing the experience of news reading will retain the habit among young readers. While the implicit value of YoungCurrent is current affairs knowledge and having a curiosity for the world in general, we also bring more tangible and immediate value to the student and in turn to the parent in the form of vocabulary practice and assessment.

YoungCurrent was incubated at StartUp Chile.

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