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Head of Marketing/Growth At Industry Changing Real Estate Company at Yoreevo

New York City · Full Time
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Job Description

Company Description:
Yoreevo is a fast growing real estate brokerage using more efficient lead generation to lower commissions and save NYC real estate buyers and sellers a significant amount of money with no compromise on service. We need a Head of Marketing to take our current effective campaigns to the next level. The real estate brokerage industry will without a doubt adopt business models similar to Yoreevo’s. We need your help gathering market share and being the first dominant low-commission, full service broker in NYC.

Requirements for crushing it:
*Previous experience and strong results with SEO/content
*A data-driven approach to understanding returns across various marketing channels
*Thorough understanding of Google Analytics
*Adept use of digital marketing tools such as AdWords, Facebook, and LinkedIn
*Ability to optimize website flow for lead conversion
*Strong inbound marketing and some outbound marketing skills
*Comfort using tools such as email campaigns, CRM, and automation
*Stay up to date on search algorithm changes

Your Responsibilities:
*Drive traffic to the website for the purpose of generating qualified leads
*Put in place a system for measuring, reporting, and optimizing growth metrics
*Lead various marketing channel campaigns
*Obtain strong/best position on SERP through SEO for relevant keywords
*Test and optimize marketing tactics for customer acquisition
*Work with team to propose creative new projects to generate additional website leads
*Keep up to date with changes in digital marketing trends

Reasons Working At Yoreevo Is The Best:
*Be part of a fast growing and profitable company with a proven business model
*Help lower commissions for consumers
*Competitive salary + bonus + benefits
*Ability to grow with the company - we are looking for someone who wants responsibility today and for years to come
*Collaborate directly with founders of Yoreevo

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What We're Building

Yoreevo offers a real estate brokerage service to buyers and sellers. The quality of our service is on par (at the very least) or better than what the industry offers. Where Yoreevo differs the most is price. It makes the cost of transacting less than half of the typical or incumbent brokerages. We are essentially able to sustain this due to improved efficiency of agents.

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Yoreevo Team

Leon Goldfeld
Founder @Yoreevo • Worked at @Deutsche Bank, @KPMG