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Xbox Kinect for iPhone: bringing motion control console game experiences to mobile

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What We're Building

Yobble is Xbox Kinect for mobile. We're bringing console motion control gaming experiences to mobile.

Our first product is Air Guitar Move, an 'appcessory' where your air guitar moves and rock star poses control the game. We want our users to feel like rock stars (minus the hangovers).

Air Guitar Move will launch in retail summer 2012 along with nationwide Air Guitar Move events sponsored by Red Bull.

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Ronald Mannak
Inventor of the #1 best selling music toys on Amazon UK, early Kickstarter success story and creator of several successful iPhone apps.
Colin Karpfinger
Founder at @Punch Through Design. Created first iOS game controller that was sold in BestBuy. Also co-founded @Yobble. I love the intersection of HW+SW+Web.

Our Investors

Gokul Rajaram
Product Engineering Lead at Square. Past: Product Director, Ads at Facebook; Product Director, AdSense at Google.
Thomas Korte
Now: Founder of @AngelPad, Before: @Google Product Manager. Investor in 150 companies -
Dave Kashen
Co-founder, @Worklife . Previously, startup CEO coach and culture consultant. Founder, Wellsphere (acq. by IAC/Sequoia-backed HealthCentral), Unleashed.
Chris Yeh
Investor, NYTimes Bestselling Author, Mentor, Entrepreneur. Stanford BS/BA, Harvard Business School MBA.
TK Kuegler
Managing Partner at Wasabi Ventures, LLC