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viral growth as a service

YesGraph helps companies grow. We use social graph analysis to recommend who a user should invite to an app. Read More
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What We're Building

Built by ex-Dropbox growth lead, Ivan Kirigin, YesGraph helps companies grow using technology traditionally only available to large social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn. Now anyone can drive the same growth.

YesGraph recommends exactly who a new user should invite. Applications can integrate our API to make a suggested invite list to boost the performance of sharing flows.

We initially built a social referral recruiting application, and then focused on selling our core graph engine technology after strong initial demand from pilot customers.

Our API is live and we just launched our iOS SDK.

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YesGraph Team

Ivan Kirigin
Founder at @YesGraph. Previously lead growth at @Dropbox
Kendall Chuang
UIUC Computer Engineering BS, Georgia Tech Comp Eng MS, Qualcomm Hardware Engineer, NanoCellect biotech startup hardware, iPhone/iPad Consultant/Developer

YesGraph Investors

Lance White
Angel Investor in a bunch of awesome companies... I spend my time between Naples, Columbus, San Francisco and New York, but most of my time in Naples.
Matt Humphrey
Co-Founder & CEO of LendingHome Built 8 companies since 2004 Invested in 100+ startups
Adam Gross
Founder of @Personify, and Cloudconnect. Investor in @Pantheon, @Heroku, @Docker , @MileIQ, @Streak and others. Team member of @Salesforce.
Pedro Torres-Mackie
Founder and Managing Director at @Quotidian Ventures, @Forbes 30 Under 30 in VC for 2015.
Manish Shah
Co-Founder @PeerWell, Co-Founder @Rapleaf / @LiveRamp • Advisor @Code for America • Studied Computer Science @University of California Berkeley • Engineer
Wei Guo
very very active investor.
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