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I've been a startup founder and CEO since 2000, actively angel investing since 2009. My last company was acquired by UNTD in 2006. Since then I've been working on DuckDuckGo, the search engine that doesn't track you, serving more than four billion searches last year, built-in as a search option in Safari and Firefox.

As an angel investor, I seek out transformative startups I relate to and where I can add value, leading deals where needed, opting to be actively involved and to sit on boards when relevant. My value as an active participant centers around product, business strategy and getting traction, for which I've written a book entitled none other than Traction.

My personal startup experience through three companies is consumer-oriented, though I've invested in and sat on the board of enterprise-focused companies. I invest in startups I can understand, am personally excited about, and that have a chance of transforming large markets in some meaningful way.

While I'm location-agnostic within the US, much of my dealflow comes from my personal network, which is centered around Philadelphia, where I've lived for over a decade, and Boston, where I lived for about a decade before that, attending MIT and running my first two companies.

My last few deals (Loveseat, Radial) are indicative of my intentions for future deals for this syndicate. For each, I've known the founders for years, both of which having invested in their previous companies. They are each taking much bigger swings this time around, in furniture and healthcare, respectively, and their passion for attacking truly large problems drew me in. These types of deals are few and far between, and so I do not expect to syndicate that many deals.

Please consider backing me. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have. You can find me on Twitter at yegg.


I will syndicate all the deals that I can. Since I'm often the first money in, there is a decent probability I will able to syndicate any given deal. Additionally, I plan to syndicate my pro-rata share where possible and appropriate.

Gabriel Weinberg
CEO & Founder, @duckduckgo. Co-author, Traction. Startup founder since 2000. MIT.
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Acquired by EatStreet in 2017
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Acquired in 2017
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Acquired in 2012
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Acquired by Chegg in 2011
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Brilliant, creative, and extremely generous. As an investor, he has opened his entire network to us. As an entrepreneur, he jumps in the trenches with us whenever we need him, helping us get traction and find new ways to grow.
Blake Jennelle
Founder of a company Gabriel Weinberg invested in
I first got to know Gabriel in 2010 when he led our round and joined the board of Locately. Since then, I have greatly valued his thoughtful, well-reasoned advice - and his remarkable ability to think not just one step ahead but months and often years into the future. In addition to world-class...more
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