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I invest in a small number of early stage companies each year and work directly with teams, usually on product design, technical architecture, engineering recruitment and management coaching. I've occasionally gotten into mocks and code. And sometimes had opportunities to help with business development and M&A/corpdev activity.

Prior investment wins include:
Slideshare, Khush Labs, PageLever, GroupCard, Togetherville


I'll try to syndicate every investment I make, though it's up to each company to accept syndication or not.

Yee Lee
4x founder, over 60 angel investments, 8 acquisition exits and an IPO. Prior teams: @PayPal, @Slide, @Skype , @Google , @TaskRabbit
Acquired for $100M in 2013
Acquired by LinkedIn for $119M in 2012
Acquired by Metric Collective in 2016
Acquired in 2016
Acquired by Trapit in 2014
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James Jung
Founder of beSUCCESS, Korea leading Tech/Startup Media ( / and Organizer of beLAUNCH (Biggest Korea Tech/Startup Conference)
David Bennett
Vice President
Corporate Vice President, Sales at AMD
John Pomponio
Entrepreneurial and Creative CFO / VP Finance Startup Executive. Helped found a NYC Silicon Ally start-up where we raised $45 million in investor capital.
Jiajun Zhu
Cofounder @ Nuro (we are hiring!)
Michael Kunitzky
Working in & around start-ups for 20 years. Lucky and thankful to have worked with some of the most passionate souls and brilliant minds. ~ alwayslookaround ~
Ben Eastman
Aussie RE Investor, Entrepreneur, World Traveler, Angel investor in 40 + companies, started investing at age 18 in Tasmania Australia. Resides in San Diego CA.
Kabe Roashan
Operator, Investor, LP, and Advisor to over 50 Startups spanning Cyber, Mobile, eCommerce, Healthcare, Lending, ... 6 awesome and meaningful exits to date.
Can help with
“Funded and advised 60+ deals to date with a few exits and a lot of chips still on the table including ThreatGrid (exited to Cisco), Orchard Platform,...more
Yee is just great. he has passion and always ready to help when you actually need it.
Mark Kofman
Founder of a company Yee Lee advised
I think Yee is going to be the next super angel. He's not just incredibly well connected, but his intros carry serious weight. Highly recommended.
Hugh Olliphant
Founder of a company Yee Lee invested in
It's amazing how well connected Yee is. He has an impressive track record and he has helped us a lot to polish our pitch deck, review KPIs, get intros, etc. You want to have him as investor/advisor!
Ariel Camus
Founder of a company Yee Lee advised
Yee is a thoughtful advisor, knowing what it takes to build a startup. He is well-respected in the engineering community, a great resource and all-around great guy.
Monica Zent
For Yee Lee's work with Foxwordy
He is a great Angel Investor huge experience in the market amazing network! We are proud to have him like investor!
Filippo Schiano di Pepe
For Yee Lee's investment at CoContest
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