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Unwinding Telco

Yarnlab is a young software development company founded in 2016 based in Australia with both co-founders living in Berlin where we are building our engineering team here. We build software to support telecommunications service providers and have customer deployments with a strong pipeline and a interesting backlog of future projects. We have an office in Brunnenviertel in a co-working space. We are relaxed team, embracing LEAN, agile TDD work practices and provide a flexible (and hopefully fun) workplace with the motto Read More
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What We're Building

Currently we are focused on Cisco technologies that include Unified Communications, Telepresence and Spark building products that support provisioning, user self service, automation and reporting activities while integrating into end customer or SP back end systems.

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Yarnlab Team

Zane England
co-Founder @Yarnlab telco and infrastructure
Dariusz Szatkowski
Backend Developer in YarnLab