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Note: There is no obligation whatsoever to fund any deal if you back me. Please take a screen shot of this page and keep it for your records.

I focus on pre-seed investments where I have been able to invest in mentees at $2M or less pre-money valuations as-

1st investor in Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger's Infobitt. Co-investors incl. K5 Ventures, Peter Magnusson, HP cloud computing head

2nd investor in Coin Hako (Boost VC W14). Co-investors incl. Government of Singapore, Tim Draper.

3rd investor in Forecastr (DreamIt S15). Co-investors incl. Comcast Ventures, Joanne Wilson.

Join me. Let's find unicorns while managing our downside risk by investing at lower valuations earlier.


I will syndicate all deals to the fullest extent permitted by the relevant startup.

Private investments may not be included yet.
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MD Pham
-Forgot to graduate @Dartmouth College -Investor in @Facebook, @Palantir Technologies , @Paintzen, @RedAwning, & @Postmates
Ashish Bhatia
Software Engineer
Working at @WhatsApp • Worked at @Morta Security acquired by @Palo Alto Networks, Worked at @Google • Studied at @Indian Institute of Technology - Kanpur
Pramod Rustagi
MS Computer Science from Ohio State University. Software Engineer at SGI, Sun, Intel.
Tony Ng
Venture Capital
VC @ Mandra Capital
JD Carluccio
Product Manager
Product Manager ( & Advisor. Ex-Partner in Consulting firm
Omar Baeshen
Founder, 1 BERKELEY. Looking to invest and be a part of businesses that can bring meaningful change
Started following him on Quora and got introduced that way. Liked his insights and answers. A real motivator and a smart mentor. Very helpful. 
Laxmikanth Dorai
For Terrence Yang's work with Canvas Electronic
Terrence started Precelerator in order to help capable founders take their ideas into fruition. He spends a significant amount of time each week with his Preceleratees coaching them, providing feedback, and giving them invaluable connections to other investors and human assets. He's also the...more
Terrence is undoubtedly one of the best mentors an early-stage startup like ours can have. While accomplished himself, he hasn't forgotten what an early founder's biggest hassles are and is forever willing to be understanding while being demanding at the same time. I often like to tell...more
Nikhil Jois
For Terrence Yang's work with Eventosaur
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