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Automated Accounts Payable & Cost Intelligence for the Hospitality Industry

The restaurant and hospitality industry is a fast-paced, make-it-or-break-it type of business. Not everyone makes it, but we're doing our best to make sure our clients do. Why? Because we're changing the way they manage their costs. We're creating a cost intelligence platform built specifically for the hospitality industry. Read More
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What We're Building

xtraCHEF is a fully mobile, on-demand invoice management and data analytics software application for restaurant purchases; it is a transaction terminal for the back of the house that requires no manual data-entry and is visible across multiple locations in real-time. Using xtraCHEF, invoices, item returns, purchase-volume variances, cost-of-goods, and vendor price changes are tracked in real time. Data is completely exportable, can be seamlessly integrated into other workflows, and analytics primed for interpretation and application. xtraCHEF is a self-managing and self-servicing technology for the restaurant industry designed for operators, accountants, chefs, and managers to gain transparency of their costs, find hidden value, and form-validate assumptions based on accurate real-time information.

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Jobs at xtraCHEF

xtraCHEF Team

Andy Schwartz
founder@xtraCHEF - IU Grad
Jonathan Retta
Studied Engineering @Vanderbilt, Director of Customer Success @xtraCHEF Centered on the crossroads of product/software development and customer success.
Dayna Barringer
VP pf Sales for xtraCHEF- a hospitality SaaS automation platform.
Sam Khardi
Director of Product Management at xtraCHEF
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xtraCHEF Investors

Rudi Ehrlich
Charismatic and engaging senior sales executive with entrepreneurial and C-level leadership experience in both established and start-up organizations.

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