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At XIX we are building the technology that is focused on creating a better way of doing things. We are building a first-of-its-kind digital assistant that accumulates knowledge and context about a user, which can be easily deployed to smartphone, smartwatch and smart car devices. It observes and learns user’s interactions with an Android smartphone, builds a user model, automates repetitive workflows and identifies the intent.

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Job Description

We are an early stage start-up and are looking for a rockstar individual who enjoys wearing many different hats and is excited about the opportunity to help grow a company in the exciting space of Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence! The primary mission for this role is building and shipping the product.

As the Engineering team lead at XIX, you will be responsible for owning the product development cycle, growing and developing the team, and setting up the engineering culture.


2-3 weeks:

- Build a simple MVP demo/v1 Android app to showcase some of the product's features and future expansion possibilities to potential clients and investors
- Set up product metrics and a feedback loop for future iterations

2 months:

- Have a live v1 app released to Android users and on new iterations and feature expansions. Implement some A/B testing to test user behavior and hypotheses
- Set up an engineer recruiting program: Hire a team with backgrounds in competitive programming (topcoder, ACM, codejam); capture the flag competitions (DEFCON or similar)
- Set up a two-week development cycle: continuous improvement
- Release beta version of a platform OS and infrastructure


Critical skills:

- Experience leading Engineering team(s)
- Refusal to accept failure
- Track record of building and shipping successful products
- Strong work ethic and a get-stuff-done attitude
- Ability to break down problems to smaller components
- Proven consumer product skills

Technical capabilities:

- Advanced degree in a quantitative field (e.g. stats, physics, computer science)
- Minimum of 3 years industry experience in software development, collaborating with data and/or machine learning teams to solve real world problems
- Fluent in Python, C/C++, Java
- Deep understanding of data processing pipelines
- 3+ years of experience working with Android OS
- Deep understanding of the Android SDK and Android devices landscape.
- Demonstrated skills in developing, releasing, and maintaining high-quality Android applications

Cultural competencies:

- Be a great individual contributor
- Stable and calm under pressure. Maintains stable performance when under stress
- High standards. Expecting personal and team performance to be nothing but the best

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What We're Building

YC-backed startup XIX builds an agent interface for smart devices (phone, watch, home) to actively predict what users want before they ask. It observes the behavior of a user on a smartphone, learns it and predicts your intent. It detects and automates repetitive workflows for a user and helps to make decisions you don't want to make (where and what to eat and drink, planning and much more).

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